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Are You Searching for a dryer vent cleaning provider? Well, you got to the right place. Lonestar Experts is the most sought after cleaning in the DFW Area. We always make sure that we have every solution a client need in a dryer vent cleaning service provider. Our company not only a dryer duct cleaning company but a firm that genuinely puts the customers on the first priority. When you choose Lonestar Experts for dryer vent cleaning, we handle your dryer ducts in outstanding care and provide you with the most excellent solution. With years of experience and knowledge, our company is the best choice for dryer vent cleaning services in the metroplex that assists customers with unbeatable customer service.   


Who are we?

Lonestar Experts is the most trusted name in the DFW area for the Dryer Vent Cleaning service; the Lonestar Experts is a North Texas-based company. We are family owned and operated. We are specialized in residential and commercial vents as well. Our spectrum of professional services includes repair, mold remediation, dryer vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning services, and more. If you are looking for a locally owned and professional dryer vent cleaning in Dallas, Fort Worth Area, you can trust our experts to handle it in the best way. Nothing is a more suitable option than Lonestar Experts. Besides our ten years of knowledge and experience, You can rely on us entirely when it comes to affordable and professional dryer vent cleaning service and more professional services for households and businesses.  

Team Of Experts

The Lonestar Experts keep the quality of our team, and This is why we select only qualified and skilled technicians to be in our group. Further, we additionally provide complete training for our technicians to guarantee that they provide our customers with upscale services and keep our company as the leading Dryer Vent firm. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning At Affordable Rates

Our service is not only the most comprehensive, but We also provide our customers with affordable and budget-friendly services. Wouldn’t it be excellent if you can receive a superior dryer vent cleaning solutions and at affordable rates? It can be fantastic to know that you can afford it more than ever. We recognize the demand for essential cleaning services. This way, we desid to make our services available at reasonable rates and let everyone the ability to achieve affordable dryer vent cleaning services.



 Innovated Technology and Equipment 

We use high-level procedures and devices to provide the most comprehensive solutions. We believe in do it the best or not do it at all, so we are not doing less than what is perfect. Also, we keep up to date with the latest methods and devices so that nothing prevents us from delivering the most advanced services. 


Why is dryer taking too long to dry clothes?

Well, several things could be wrong with it that will limit your dryer from operating correctly. Here’s a list of the typical situations:

  1. Lint Build Up
  2. Bird Nests
  3. Dryer Vent Broken
  4. Materials Missing
  5. Covers on Dryer Vent
  6. Incorrect Type of Hood
  7. Broken Transition Hose
  8. Booster Fan Misplaced
  9. DIY Materials Stuck inside

If any of the f answered yes to ANY of these following answers is the correct, you should contact a professional and schedule out to inspect/clean your dryer vent today. It’s not worth the chance of a dryer fire to wait.


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